Telang Hill in Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan Province - Indonesia

It is quite surprising that South Kalimantan Province features lots of beautiful hills. One of them is located in Tanah Laut Regency called Telang Hill. To be exact, the hill resides in Martadah Village and it belongs to Tambang Ulang Sub-District in Indonesia. Tourists are interested to visit the site as they want to witness the stunning hill panorama as well as to take pictures of the green savanna that surround the site. Some tourists also take advantage of the location to enjoy trekking and adventure. They often take selfies and upload the photos to social media sites, too.

The Nuance
The main feature of the hill is none other than the savanna. Such grassy landscape never fails to astonish everyone. Not only it has the grassland, Telang Hill features several trees that grow rarely there. The best scenery perhaps is the sunrise! It appears beautifully on the horizon, coming from mountains and covered by fog. In order to reach the top of the hill, though, tourists need to go trekking for about 30-60 minutes depending on the weather and experience. Once arriving at the peak, they can feel the fresher air and more beautiful natural scenery.

Exploring Telang Hill
What makes Telang Hill popular? Well, there are many reasons. For instance, tourists want to see such unique hill that is similar to that of the TV program. These people want to spend a good time of the comfy grassland and feel the refreshing atmosphere of the site. The second reason is none other than the challenge. The landscape is challenging enough for trekking and an adventure, after all. Not to mention visitors need to pass through a small forest before reaching the top of the hill. It is as fun as camping on the site later!

The next reason is definitely the fame of the hill, recognized by online communities. It is because visitors often took pictures and shared these on social media sites. Over time, more tourists come to the hill due to such exposure. Another reason is that the hill offers an amazing night atmosphere. During good weather, stars scatter in the sky perfectly and these even appear more beautiful from the top of Telang Hill.

Knowing those reasons, all tourists definitely can’t deny the charm of Telang Hill. That doesn’t mean they can visit the site unprepared! The first important consideration is related to the supplies. They need to buy some snacks and bottled water at the guard post before trekking. These foods would keep the hunger and thirst away during trekking for sure. Another important tip is that they must not litter! Everyone should take care of the environment!

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How to Get There
From Martapura City, a trip to Telang Hill may take about 1 hour, as the distance is about 34.7 km. The first destination is Tanah Laut Regency. Next, tourists should head to Tambang Ulang Sub-District. The last destination is Martadah Village where the hill resides. For a faster trip, tourists should take Mistar Cokrokusumo Street.

Where to Stay

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