Gambut Blue Lake in Beruntung Baru Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Banjar Regency has several references when it comes to Blue Lake. Well, one of them is called Tambak Padi or Gambut Blue Lake. As the name suggests, it resides in Tambak Padi Village and belongs to Beruntung Baru Sub-District in Indonesia. Moreover, it is located near to other lakes, so tourists can visit different lakes within a day when visiting Tambak Padi. Thanks to the technology. The site becomes more popular over time. Visitors usually come to the site for sightseeing and relaxation. They also want to take some good pictures of the lake, making it a background for their photo.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Gambut Lake has the width of about 6 hectares. Here is the unique thing. In the sides of the lake, tourists may find beautiful white sand which is similar to that of the beach. What is more? Like the name suggests, it has the blue color featuring a calm surface of the sea. When it comes to visitors, most of them are nearby villagers and students. Sometimes, though, even outsiders and foreigners are seen on the location. The thing is that visitors should pay the entrance fee before entering the area. Have no worries. It doesn’t cost much.

Exploring Gambut Blue Lake
The first thing that tourists should do when arriving at Gambut Blue Lake is to learn its history. According to the locals, the lake was formed due to the mining activity in the past. The neglected mine site accumulated water from the rain, so the lake was formed gradually. As the time goes by, more plants and trees grow there (creating a more comfortable nuance). Knowing the potential, nearby villagers manage the site and promote it to outsiders until these days. They are happy that the lake has become one of the allures of Banjar Regency!

Despite the regular size, Gambut Blue Lake has exotic white sand on its sides. This makes the lake gets its clear light blue color on the edges and darker blue on the middle part. The good thing is that tourists can enjoy swimming there. The water is safe, after all. It has the depth of about 1-4 meters, so it is considered quite safe for swimming. Still, kids should do it under their parents’ supervision.

Aside from swimming, people come to Gambut Blue Lake to enjoy either family recreation or relaxation. The peaceful nuance and the presence of a nearby forest make it a perfect place to get rid of stresses, indeed. Sometimes, in the afternoon, local food vendors may come to the site and sell delicious meatballs skewer and soft drinks to tourists!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Martapura City in Indonesia, they may spend about 60 minutes or an hour to reach Gambut (Tambak Padi) Blue Lake. The distance is 29.9 km, after all. For a faster trip, they can take Ahmad Yani Street. It is also recommended to come with either friends or families to make the vacation merrier.

Where to Stay

  • Chairin Sentosa Hotel
  • Banjar Permai Hotel
  • Noor Indah Hotel
  • Rahmin Zain Hotel

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