Janar Hill in Pengaron Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Almost all tourists love trekking or hiking. In this case, visiting new places to explore should be on everyone’s agenda. What’s the reference? It is Janar Hill, located in Banjar Regency of Indonesia! To be exact, the hill belongs to Pengaron Sub-District and it is located relatively near to Martapura City. Thus, it is easy to get to the location. Not to mention the hill resides quite near to a local settlement. In terms of popularity, most tourists are likely to enjoy trekking and photography here. Some of them also come to relax and get rid of stresses while witnessing the stunning scenery.

The Nuance
“Janar” means turmeric. In terms of height, it is higher than other nearby hills located in Pengaron Sub-District. No wonder, it is more popular among travelers and trekkers! From above, the scenery looks more appealing as well. These include the nearby village, rocky landscape, trees, bushes, grasses, local farms, and much more. When it comes to nuance, it feels peaceful indeed. Plus, there is the path for motorcycles so tourists can get to the hill easily and reach the top by walking afterward. What about the tilt? Janar comes with a slope of about 70 degrees.

Exploring Janar Hill
At a glance, Janar Hill looks peaceful and soothing. This is why the site becomes a perfect place for relaxation and recreation. Plus, the trekking route is quite easy. That means even beginners can enjoy hiking without hassles. In terms of nuance, it is similar to Kandangan’s Kudai. Aside from the hilly views, tourists may find several decent buildings that scatter in some parts of the site. Also, as mentioned earlier, a motorcycle lane is available. It helps tourists to get near to the top of the hill easier.

What is more? Aside from trekking, some people choose Janar Hill as the place for photography. They collect good pictures of the nature including the small savanna and trees. Even the sunrise looks wonderful up there. In some occasions, the locals visit the hill to conduct a pre-wedding photo session. The hilly background looks romantic, somehow. Here is the thing. Make sure to come during good weather. Otherwise, the rain may ruin the chance to take perfect photos for sure.

For some tourists, it seems daunting to reach the location. Have no worries. They can take advantage of the help of a tour guide later. If not, just take the hints from villagers. The landmark is none other than a local Islamic boarding house in Pengaron. Once seeing this building, it takes several more minutes to get to the hill.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Pengaron Fort
  • Batu Hapu Cave
  • Batu Mountain

How to Get There
From Martapura City, tourists can take any type of vehicle to reach Pengaron Sub-District. The next destination is none other than Janar Hill. The whole trip takes about 40 minutes, as the distance is 19.4 km. When it comes to the best route, it is Keramat Street.

Where to Stay

  • HRVRT Water Inn
  • Shangrilla Hotel
  • Pasupati Hotel

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