Riam Kanan Dam in Aranio Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Located on the same site with Riam Kanan Lake, Riam Kanan Dam becomes an extra allure for those who visit Banjar Regency. The dam is located in Aranio-Sub-District, actually. It offers an interesting information and landscape for tourists to enjoy as well. Another name is M. Noor Reservoir and it has become a significant hydroelectric power plant for years. Usually, people visit the dam either to learn history about the site and enjoy photography. The structure is worth a photo shoot, after all. Here is basic trivia regarding the dam.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Riam Kanan Dam is indeed big. It is, in fact, one of the biggest reservoirs in South Kalimantan Province. According to the locals, it took 10 years to build the dam! Not to mention it dams up 8 rivers that flow from Meratus Mountain. Approximately, the area has the total width of 9730 hectares! Despite the size, the water discharge is considered low, which is about 54.39 meters. One thing that tourists need to know is that they are not allowed to get in the water or swim in it!

Exploring Riam Kanan Dam
The history of Riam Kanan Dam becomes one of the reasons why people keep coming to the site. It was inaugurated by the late President of Indonesia, Soeharto, in 1973. The purpose is none other than to produce electricity for the region. It is also said the dam was once one of the icons of New Order during the reign of the second president of the country. As the time goes by, though, the dam has turned into a new vacation spot for both the locals and outsiders.

Aside from learning the history of Riam Kanan Dam, people come to the site to witness the structure and condition of the dam. In this case, the best time to visit is during the high tide when the water is at its best. The flow of the water looks wonderful, somehow. Therefore, make sure to carry a camera when visiting the dam. Many objects and moments are worth to capture, after all. It doesn’t even require good photography skills to take good photos there.

What is more? Another good time to visit Riam Kanan Dam is in the afternoon. It is because several snack vendors may come to the site and sell delicious local snacks to tourists. The most popular one is called “Cilok” or boiled starch. It tastes savory and has a soft texture! Not to mention the price is quite affordable.

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How to Get There
A trip to Riam Kanan Dam takes no much time, especially those who come from Martapura City in Indonesia. By local transportation service, it takes only about 45 minutes to get there. The first destination is Aranio Sub-District and tourists can reach the dam right away. For a simpler trip, hiring a local guide is indeed a good idea despite the fee.

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  • Shangrilla Hotel

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