Lembah Kahung Waterfall in Aranio Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

A secluded waterfall resides in Belangian Village and the name is Lembah Kahung Waterfall. It belongs to Aranio Sub-District and has an interesting charm for tourists to enjoy. Not only it takes a little bit effort to get to the site (which is fun and challenging), but it also offers a distinct beauty as compared to other waterfalls. No wonder, Lembah Kahung becomes a great alternative when it comes to adventure and exploration in Indonesia. Even the site is suitable for photography and sightseeing! Here is further discussion regarding the waterfall.

The Nuance
Once arriving near to the Lembah Kahung Waterfall, tourists would be astonished by its stunning scenery for sure. The location is surrounded by a pristine and tropical environment, featuring numerous types of fauna and flora. Also, a path resides in the midst of the forest on which tourists can use to get to the location. What about the size? The waterfall has the height of about 25 meters and the width of approximately 8 meters. A pond also resides under the falls, actually. What a great nuance to enjoy relaxation, no?

Exploring Lembah Kahung Waterfall
Like other falls in Banjar Regency, Lembah Kahung is famous for the interesting landscape. Thus, lots of visitors take advantage of it to enjoy trekking and exploration. First, it takes a “Klotok” or traditional boat to get to Belangian Village. The real adventure starts there. Tourists need to walk and pass through natural landmarks afterward. Once reaching the first shelter (which is about 40 minutes later), they can take a rest for a while before continuing the journey.

The second and third shelter can be reached for about 2 hours later. During the trip, tourists may encounter grassland and the view of mountains. The warm sunlight makes the nuance even better! Before continuing the trip, it is recommended to take pictures of the scenery here. What is next? Once seeing tropical big trees, tourists may encounter several valleys before arriving at the waterfall. In this case, make sure to carefully explore the landscape in order to avoid any accidents.

The tiredness goes away instantly once tourists arrive at the site! The unique beauty of Lembah Kahung Waterfall may astonish them right away. Plus, the nuance feels so soothing there. Just take a moment to enjoy such ambiance. It helps everyone to relax and get rid stresses after all. Overall, the site is suitable for those who look a beauty of the nature, peace, and new experience of adventure. Last but not the least (as for the tip), tourists need to come with a local guide instead of coming alone to the waterfall.

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How to Get There
From Martapura City in Indonesia, tourists can take any local transportation service and head to Aranio Sub-District. Later, they can simply head visit Belangian Village and conduct a short trekking to reach the waterfall. The whole trip takes about 1 hour, so it won’t cost much time and energy. Plus, tourists can enjoy the scenery while heading to the location.

Where to Stay

  • Duta Hotel
  • Deghan Hotel
  • Padjio Hotel

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