Pasayangan Embroidery Crafts Center in Martapura City, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Unique traditional houses, interesting culture, and stunning natural attractions make Banjar Regency more popular among tourists in Indonesia. However, everyone should never overlook another allure of the region which is Sugul embroidery. There is even a place, where tourists can buy and learn how to make such beautiful art in Martapura City! The name is Pasayangan Embroidery Crafts Center. As the name suggests, it is located in Pasayangan Village and has been visited by tons of people either the locals or outsiders. At the site, tourists can watch passionate artists who work on their craft diligently! It becomes the opportunity to learn the techniques, as well!

The Nuance
What makes Sugul embroidery unique? As compared to others, the most noticeable characteristic is related to the design. The locals focus on various types of flowers when it comes to the design actually. No wonder, tourists may find flowers in every product that they can find in the crafts center. The good thing is that these come with beautiful colors and excellent materials. This explains why tourists should spend some money to buy some when visiting the site.

Exploring Pasayangan Embroidery Crafts Center
The presence of Pasayangan Embroidery Crafts Center has helped to improve the local economy, in fact. It also opens new jobs for the locals, especially women. As for tourists, the site offers many benefits too! They can simply buy the products and learn the techniques from the artists. For a private lesson, though, it costs some money. With this, tourists can learn some information regarding Sugul embroidery including how to choose the materials and the techniques. Have no worries. The locals would teach everyone diligently and friendly.

Once the embroidery is done, tourists can even bring it home! Thus, they get both the experience and such beautiful piece of art at once. For those who do not have the time to join the practice, though, they can simply buy some pieces directly. The prices are affordable, so everyone would be able to purchase them. Here is the tip. It is better to come with a local guide, so he can help tourists to get a better price by bargaining. Those who can speak the Indonesian Language have a better chance of getting cheaper prices as well!

Sugul Embroidery indeed is important for both the locals and tourists. It increases the number of visitors or tourists as the time goes by, as well. According to the locals, in fact, foreign people are also interested in these beautiful products (especially those who live in Mecca).

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How to Get There
The distance between Martapura City and the embroidery crafts center is 6.8 km. Thus, tourists need to spend a trip of about 25 minutes to get to the site. Their prime destination is Pasayangan Village and they must take Melati Street for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

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