Liang Anggang Blue Lake in Beruntung Baru Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

In Tambak Padi Village, Beruntung Baru Sub-District, tourists may find two beautiful blue lakes. One of them is called Gambut and another one is Liang Anggang. These lakes are located close to each other, so it is recommended to explore them both. However, those who look for the best family recreation should visit the second option first. It is because they can take good pictures using the lake as the background. In terms of location, this one is the closest to Banjarmasin City. No wonder, most visitors are those who come from such region.

The Nuance
As tourists may expect, the lake has a blue color of water and calm surface. On the horizon, they can see lush trees and beautiful sky as well. In terms of nuance and appearance, the lake is indeed similar to its sibling. However, it offers better ambiance due to the fact that it gets more visitors than others. That means the atmosphere becomes merrier! Also, for a better nuance, tourists should come during weekends. With more people, it becomes easier to get information regarding the history of the lake (as tourists may exchange trivia with each other).

Exploring Liang Anggang Blue Lake
As mentioned before, Liang Anggang Blue Lake is the sibling of Gambut Lake. The location is even quite near, so tourists can explore both lakes by foot in only several minutes. The question is what they can do on the site. The beautiful blue color of the lake makes it a perfect background or object for photography, actually. That means tourists can use a camera or a smartphone to capture some pictures during the visit. Not only the site offers exotic lake scene, it also offers other attractions like plants and trees!

The next thing to do is to gather trivia or information related to the lake. Like its sibling, Liang Anggang was formed due to the presence of a neglected mine site in the past. It got the water from rain, accumulated over time. The water is safe and fresh, so tourists can get in it! That means swimming is quite recommended for those who are visiting the lake. Do not forget to carry extra clothes and come with friends, though. At least, there must be a person who watches or supervise you while swimming.

What is more? Due to its popularity, Liang Anggang Blue Lake inspires nearby villagers to improve and manage the site in a professional manner. They want to lure more visitors and make the lake more popular, after all. Not to mention several “warung” or food stands have been built in some parts of the lake. Thus, tourists can eat and drink while enjoying the beautiful scenery of it!

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How to Get There
The distance between Martapura City and Liang Langgang Lake is 29.9 km. That means the trip may take about an hour to get to the location. When it comes to the best route, tourists should take only Ahmad Yani Street. The direction is easy, so everyone should be able to get to the site even without the help of a tour guide.

Where to Stay

  • Chairin Sentosa Hotel
  • Banjar Permai Hotel
  • Noor Indah Hotel
  • Rahmin Zain Hotel

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