Sultan Adam Forest in Cempaka Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

A forest park can satisfy tourists’ necessities when it comes to an adventure. In this case, what they need is a good place to visit. In Banjar Regency, for example, there is Sultan Adam Forest Park. The location is in West Mandiangin Village and it belongs to Cempaka Sub-District. Actually, it is part of two regencies (Banjar and Tanah Laut). In terms of name, it is inspired by the name of Banjar’s Sultan called Adam Al-Watsiq Billah. He ruled Banjar between 1825 and 1857, actually. Today, the site has become one of the best vacation destinations among those who visit Banjar Regency in Indonesia.

The Nuance
Actually, Sultan Adam Forest Park is a combination of 4 distinct forests. These include Kinain Buak, Riam Kanan, Unlam, and Pelaihari Forest. In terms of size, it is approximately 112,000 hectares! Despite such wide size, tourists can easily find the entrance of the forest though. There is even a gate, so everyone would notice it right away. The thing is that visitors should pay the entry fee before entering the forest, including the kids. Once getting inside, lush trees and pristine nuance may welcome tourists directly!

Exploring Sultan Adam Forest
Once arriving at Sultan Adam Forest Park, tourists can do several things including learning trivia regarding the site. According to the keeper and villagers, the forest has a significant role in the environment. For example, the trees that grow on the forest help retain the water discharge of Riam Kanan Lake. The local government takes advantage of the lake to generate electricity, after all. Not to mention those trees help prevent flood and erosion. Plus, it becomes the “lung” of nature, helping reducing air pollutant.

The next reason why many people come to Sultan Adam Forest is none other than to witness various floras that grow in it. For instance, there are Ulin, Laban, Pampahi, Tarap, and much more! With such various kinds of trees, lots of animals also live peacefully there. These include deer, wild chicken, proboscis monkey, Bornean gibbon, and many others. If tourists are quite lucky, they may meet all those animals when exploring the forest. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a camera during the visit in Indonesia.

The good thing is that tourists can find numerous natural attractions in Sultan Adam Forest. Mandiangin Waterfall is one of them. Thus, make sure to drop by to the falls during exploration. Another popular activity to do in the forest park is definitely camping. In this case, tourists should have prepared the tent and other equipment beforehand. Also, it is better to do such activity with friends or families.

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How to Get There
From Martapura City in Indonesia, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to Sultan Adam Forest. The distance is 38.5 km, after all. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Mistar Cokrokusumo Street. First, people need to reach Cempaka Sub-District. Next, what they need to do is to visit West Mandiangin Village and enter the forest from the available gate.

Where to Stay

  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
  • Ratu Elok Hotel
  • Rahmi Zain Hotel

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