Ratu Zalecha Square in Martapura City, Banjar Regency- Indonesia

In each city, there is always a place, where citizens can gather and spend a good time with the family. It is none other than the city square! What about Martapura City in Banjar Regency? There is one called Ratu Zalecha Square actually. It opens for public and has become people’s favorite site to enjoy numerous activities like recreation, sports, hanging out, etc. Usually, the site becomes crowded either in the morning or afternoon (during weekends and holidays). Thus, any tourists who visit Martapura should also drop by and enjoy some good times there.

The Nuance
Ratu Zalecha Square is popular among both kids and adults. Here is the reason. It features various types of play rides and other facilities. Visitors can even take advantage of the walking facility to enjoy jogging! In Sunday morning, especially, the management provides a special stage for a gymnastics instructor who leads the guests to do exercises together. What is more? The square also features a beautiful park for relaxing, coming with stunning Intan Statue (the icon of Martapura City). Overall, the nuance is both festive and comfortable!

Exploring Ratu Zalecha Square
It is true that Banjarbaru has Murjani Square. In this case, Martapura City in Indonesia should be proud of its Ratu Zalecha Square. This place becomes the main allure for both locals and tourists, after all. Not to mention many types of events are held in the square including contests and exhibitions. Thanks to the wide size. The site is even suitable for camping and performs other communal activities. The most recognizable event perhaps is the public gymnastics done every Sunday. The good thing is that everyone is able to join the event, including tourists.

So, why is the name, actually? The locals gave the name Ratu Zalecha to the square due to the presence of Ratu Zalecha Hospital back then. However, the local government decided to relocate the hospital and provides better facilities to it. Even though there is no more hospital located near to the square, the name remains! It even gets more popularity over time especially during big events and in the afternoon. Somehow, the place is suitable for relaxation and hanging out with friends!

The next allure of Ratu Zalecha Square is the presence of Intan Martapura Inscription. Tourists often take advantage of such beautiful object as the background for their photography, as well. A unique statue also resides on the site, which also becomes a good object of photography in fact. So, do not forget to carry a camera when visiting the site later.

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How to Get There
From Martapura City, tourists only need to spend about 10 minutes to get to Ratu Zalecha Square. It is because the distance is only 2.7 km. In fact, many types of local transportation service are available for them to use. As for the route, the best one is indeed Melati Street.

Where to Stay

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