Patrabulu Hill in Karang Intan Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

When it comes to photography and sightseeing, highlands always become a nice choice. For those who visit Banjar Regency are quite lucky indeed. It is because they can find many options of hills to explore. One of them is located in Awang Bangkal Village called Patrabulu Hill. In terms of region, it belongs to Karang Intan Sub-District. Here is the thing. Tourists would spend much stamina to climb to the top of the hill (the highest peak). Instead, they can watch such stunning hill from the village (which is located at the foot of the hill).

The Nuance
Watching the majestic hill from afar is indeed peaceful and interesting. The best view comes in the morning, actually. It is when the fog covers the tip of the hill, looking so soothing. Another consideration is that tourists should visit the site during Saturday night. Why is that? More people would come, so the nuance becomes merrier. At the time, they can also witness sparkling lights of the houses from afar! For those who look for other views, though, they can come in the morning and watch the beautiful sunrise!

Exploring Patrabulu Hill
People have a different preference regarding the time to come to Patrabulu Hill. Some of them choose to visit the site at night, while others decide to come to the location during the day. In the evening, though, they must carry a flashlight or other types of lighting. It is because the route becomes dangerous at night, due to the presence of valleys. Without the flashlight, the risk of getting an accident becomes higher, no?  Regardless of the time, actually, tourists should be careful when trekking. Also, it is important to carry snacks and bottled water.

Tourists have two options when it comes to trekking. First, they can simply reach Awang Bangkal Village and witness the hill from afar. Another option is that they can climb the hill and reach the top of it. In this case, they need to spend much time and energy. According to the locals, it takes about 2 hours to get to the peak. Despite the tiredness, the reward is definitely worthy. It is because tourists can witness an amazing view of either sunrise or sunset up there.

Here is the question. Should tourists hire a porter or local guide during trekking? Well, it seems that such kind of service is not that necessary. The trekking route is considered easy, after all. What tourists need to do is to prepare everything beforehand. Also, they must have prepared enough supplies if they decide to reach the top of Patrabulu Hill.

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How to Get There
The trip starts from Martapura City in Indonesia and the first destination is Karang Intan Sub-District. Next, tourists only need to head to Awang Bangkal Village. The whole trip takes about 25.2 km, so it takes about 50 minutes to get to the location. For a faster trip, though, tourists need take PM Noor Street.

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  • Shangrilla Hotel

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