Besar Hill in Karang Intan Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Not only Banjar Regency is famous for its traditional houses, but it also becomes the home of famous hills including Besar Hill. This one is located in Mandiangin Village and belongs to Karang Intan Sub-District in Indonesia. Like other hills in Banjar, Besar offers an opportunity for trekking and hiking. Not to mention it provides amazing natural views especially the sunrise. The good thing is that the hill is the part of Mandiangin Forest Park, so it has various types of trees and animals. That means visitors have a complete collection of natural attraction that they may encounter during the adventure.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Besar Hill is not quite different than others. However, it offers the best sunrise view! The sky looks the best during the rise of the sun in the morning, combining soft ray of the sun and refreshing atmosphere of the fog. When it comes to landscape, the hill features several tropical plants and trees. Plus, a small savanna resides in a certain part of the hill. Here is the next information. Regularly, the site doesn’t have many visitors. However, it becomes more crowded during weekends and big days or holidays.

Exploring Besar Hill
Here are several activities that tourists can do in Besar Hill. First, it is none other than trekking. The purpose is both to get a new experience and witness the great sunrise from the top of the hill. Based on such motivations, visitors won’t feel tired when heading up. Not to mention the view of nature looks amazing during trekking. This keeps the boredom away, for sure. Plus, tourists can use their camera to collect some pictures before arriving at the hilltop.

Once arriving at the top of Besar Hill, tourists should choose the right spot for sightseeing and witnessing the sunrise. According to the locals, the most famous one is called Tengger. This spot is locals’ favorite for witnessing the sunrise due to its strategic location. The view of the sun looks the best there. It appears perfect and the spot has the right angle for sightseeing. The only issue is that the spot often gets crowded by visitors. It can even reach up to a hundred during the holiday season.

As for the tip, tourists should consider carrying snacks and drinks when heading to Besar Hill. It is because they can enjoy it while witnessing the sunrise. That means the hill is suitable for a family recreation as well. The problem is that kids don’t have enough stamina to reach the top. Thus, only adults can enjoy such soothing nuance.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Martapura City in Indonesia, their first destination is Karang Intan Sub-District. Next, they need to reach Mandiangin Village and head to the Forest Park right away. The whole trip takes about 50 minutes, as the distance is 22.1 km. As for the best route, they can take PM Noor Street! Later, once arriving at the village, it takes some time to get to the top of the hill by trekking.

Where to Stay

  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
  • Yudilesmana Hotel

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