Panjang Bridge in Karang Intan Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

For those who look for a new place to visit in Indonesia, they must consider coming to Banjar Regency. Many good places are available to visit including Panjang Bridge! The location is in Mandi Kapau Village and it belongs to Karang Intan Sub-District. The fact is Panjang Bridge has become one of the most recommended attractions of the village including the lake and other natural attractions. The prime function of the bridge is to connect two different locations, but it has become a new vacation destination for tourists. People often come to the bridge to either relax or hang out!

The Nuance
Being the part of Mandi Kapau Village, Panjang Bridge gets more popular over time. The village itself is famous for its neat and clean environment. For instance, tourists won’t find any trash when exploring the village. Even the river looks soothing and pure! When it is about the bridge, it is made of woods and irons. What about the size? The length is about 600 meters! It indeed looks majestic, but the scenery makes it more impressive! This explains why lots of people come in the afternoon for hanging out and take pictures using a camera.

Exploring Panjang Bridge
The first recommended thing to do on Panjang Bridge is photography. That means tourists can use the camera and capture some good pictures of the environment. Not only they can capture the bridge as a background, they also have other good objects to take including the water level and natural attractions on the horizon. Moreover, visitors can take selfies to their heart’s content. What they need to pay attention is the weather, as they need to come during good weather.

It doesn’t have to be photography. Visitors can simply conduct sightseeing when exploring the site. They can even sit on the edges of the bridge and watch soothing water! The clean environment of the village and water helps them to relax, after all. In order to get a more peaceful nuance, it is better to come during working days (when the number of visitors is low). On the other hand, tourists can come during weekends if they look for a merrier atmosphere. Not to mention they can make some new friends there.

The prime rule that tourists should pay attention is none other than the cleanliness of the environment. In other words, littering is highly prohibited. If they carry snacks or bottled water to the site, they must take care of the trash later. Do not ever throw it in the water!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Martapura City in Indonesia, tourists need to take local transportation service and head to Karang Intan Sub-District right away. Next, they need to get to Mandi Kapau Village right away. Have no worries. The villagers may show the location of Panjang Bridge later. The whole trip may take about an hour, as the distance is 31.4 km. For a faster trip, tourists must take advantage of PM Noor Street.

Where to Stay

  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel

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