Agriboster Hill in Cempaka Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Visiting highlands provide both relaxation and new experience for tourists. Not to mention it becomes a hobby for adventurers and trekkers. The question is what place they should visit when in Indonesia. For those looking for a reference, there is Agriboster (Lentera) Hill in Banjar Regency. The location is in Cempaka Sub-District and it belongs to Banjar Baru City, Indonesia. Like other hills that reside in Banjar, this one becomes a good place for sightseeing and photography. People also come to the location in order to enjoy trekking. The good thing is that the hill has more visitors as compared to other hills, so the nuance is merrier.

The Nuance
Once arriving at the top of Agriboster Hill, tourists may see a deforested landscape. Still, the site has several trees and bushes left. One thing that makes the hill different than others is the presence of a wooden viewing post. Tourists can climb it easily and witness more stunning scenery from above. Perhaps the best moment to come to the hill is at night when sparkling lights of the city occur. It looks like stars! Another good thing is that tourists can ride a motorcycle to get to the top of the hill and park it there.

Exploring Agriboster Hill
At the first time, Agriboster or Lentera Hill was no popular at all. Thanks to local teenagers. They posted the views of the site on social media sites and promoted it to others. These days, more people have been visiting the hill in order to witness such beautiful views. The most interesting scenery is none other than the sparkling lights of the city. It only occurs at night, though. No wonder, the hill is more crowded in the evening as compared to other times. Some locals even gave another name to the site, which is Bukit Bintang (the hill of the stars).

What about during the day? Well, it is also recommended to visit Lentera Hill in the morning. The reason is that tourists can feel the more refreshing air and witness flawless natural scenery from above. They can also climb the viewing post to get better views up there. As for the tip, visitors should carry a camera when heading to the hill. Photography is also popular among tourists, after all.

Another recommended time to visit Lentera Hill is during the dusk. It becomes the time when tourists can witness the romantic sunset either with friends or a lover! Later, they can even build a tent and spend the night in nature. Do not forget to make a bonfire and cook some foods, though.

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How to Get There
From Martapura City in Indonesia, tourists can directly head to Cempaka Sub-District and Banjar Baru City. From there, they can either walk or ride a motorcycle to get to the top of Agriboster Hill. Each person has a different preference after all. Some would enjoy trekking while others don’t want to waste much stamina to get to the site. Overall, the whole trip may take about 30 minutes as the distance is 13.5 km. For a faster trip, tourists should take Ahmad Yani Street.

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  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
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  • Rahmi Zain Hotel

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