Niagara Bath Wind Waterfall in Karang Intan Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

An adventure can help everyone to run away from busy daily activities in a big city. In this case, what they need is only a nice vacation destination. So, where is it? One of the most recommended choices is Mandiangin or Niagara Bath Wind Waterfall. The location is in Cempaka Village and it belongs to Karang Intan Sub-District, Banjar Regency. The locals have been familiar with it and they take advantage of the site to conduct a family recreation, photography, relaxation, and trekking. Not only it is famous among the locals, but some outsiders also come to the location occasionally.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the waterfall offers refreshing air and peaceful atmosphere. It has a swift flow of water and the height is indeed tall. No wonder, people call it “Niagara” due to the size. Below, a pond resides where tourists usually take a bath and play water in it. The next impressive feature of the site is none other than the majestic and tall cliff that becomes the background of the waterfall. It looks quite stunning for sure. When it comes to flora, several trees grow there. Instead of covered by bushes, the site features short grassy landscape!

Exploring Niagara Bath Wind Waterfall
It is true that Mandiangin Waterfall may impress outsiders or those who live outside South Kalimantan Province. However, some locals believe that the location emits a mystical aura. Some of them don’t even dare to get close to the waterfall due to a horror urban legend. Still, people keep coming and they do not care about such kind of thing. Just because there is a bad rumor regarding the waterfall, doesn’t mean tourists should cancel their plan to visit the site, no?

Not only Niagara Bath Wind Waterfall offers amazing scenery, it also becomes a good place for exploration. According to the locals, students often come to the location and go camping near to the waterfall. Moreover, some local communities use the site to do similar activity too. These include martial arts groups, in fact. Aside from camping, these people also want to watch various floras and fauna that live around the waterfall.

Here is an important tip for those who are visiting Mandiangin Waterfall. The most important one is to come with a local guide. This person helps tourists to reach the location efficiently, after all. Another important tip is related to the weather. It is important to come to the waterfall only during a good weather. Otherwise, the rain makes it difficult to do trekking as the route becomes slippery and dangerous.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Martapura City, they can take any local transportation service and head to Karang Intan Sub-District. Next, they can simply reach Cempaka Village and conduct a short trekking to the waterfall. The whole trip may take about 50 minutes, as the distance is 22.1 km. As for the route, make sure to take PM Noor Street.

Where to Stay

  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
  • Yudilesmana Hotel

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