Biru Lake in Sungkai Village, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

There is a famous tourist site in Banjar Regency called Biru Lake. The locals also call it Pengaron Lake, as it is located in Sungkai Village (Simpang Empat Pengaron Sub-District). In terms of location, it is considered strategic due to the presence of other famous attractions especially the Dutch Fortress. According to the locals, the lake becomes famous due to its beautiful color and serene atmosphere. It lures people who love photography and sightseeing, as well. Others come to the site to learn the history of the lake, though. Well, regardless of the purpose, no one should miss the chance to visit the lake while visiting Banjar.

The Nuance
“Biru” means blue, actually. As the name suggests, the water has the color of blue and it looks quite luring. The lake gets the water from the rain, actually. However, it was formed naturally due to mining activities. Not only the lake offers stunning blue water, it also features cliffs that surround the site. No wonder, tourists can choose any spot for sightseeing and photography (especially from the top of the cliffs). There is no keeper, so it costs nothing to enter the location.

Exploring Biru Lake
Some tourists may think that Biru Lake is suitable for swimming due to its beautiful appearance. However, it is quite wrong. The locals would prohibit tourists from getting in the water. Here is the reason. The lake contains a high concentration of the ex-mining materials, which is bad for health. Thus, it is not recommended to swim in it! Instead, they can simply enjoy sightseeing and get around the site. Make sure to come during the good weather, though.

The most recommended spot for sightseeing is the hills that surround the lake. Even though tourists need to spend some time and energy to get to the top of the hills, they would be astonished by the stunning views up there. Actually, this becomes an opportunity for trekking as well. Despite the regular landscape, the site may satisfy adventurers and nature lovers for sure. Even those who do not like trekking would have a good time there. It even feels more meaningful and merrier if they come with friends or families.

Another popular activity to do in Biru Lake is photography. Sightseeing seems insufficient for some people indeed. Thus, visitors can take advantage of the beauty of the lake and its surroundings to enjoy photography. What they need is a camera and a good spot to take great pictures.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The good thing is that Biru Lake is located near to Martapura City in Indonesia. That means tourists can easily reach the site without hassles. The distance is 21.7 km, so the trip takes about 40 minutes. From Martapura, the first destination is Simpang Empat Pengaron Sub-District. Later, tourists only need to visit Sungkai Village where the lake resides. Here is the tip. Make sure to take Melati Street for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Shangrilla Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
  • Diah Hotel

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