Sirang Island in Aranio Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Natural tourism always attracts people. It is because tourists can get closer to nature and feel the fresh air directly. Not to mention pristine atmosphere relieves their stresses! In Banjar Regency, for example, they can visit serene Sirang Island in Indonesia. This nice place is suitable to get rid of boredom and stresses, which are accumulated due to a busy lifestyle. Not only it offers beautiful scenery, but the island also provides a soothing environment to relax. The island is located in Riam Kanan Village and it belongs to Aranio Sub-District. Have no worries. It is easy to get there, as the location is near to Martapura City, Indonesia.

The Nuance
Here is a unique fact. Instead of located in the midst of the sea, Sirang Island resides in the middle of Riam Kanan Lake. That means it is surrounded by freshwater and refreshing environment. Not to mention tourists can easily reach the island by boat from the lakeside. In terms of size, the lake is small but it offers a wonderful environment. Some trees grow on it and the island has a grassy landscape too. Plus, the air is so fresh (especially in the morning).

Exploring Sirang Island
So, what can people do in Sirang Island? The first popular activity is relaxation. That means tourists only need to sit and relax on the island and witness natural scenery peacefully. It helps them to find peace and get rid of life issues for sure. A family recreation also becomes a good idea. Spending a good time with families at such serene island is indeed quite soothing. Not to mention it helps them to build a stronger bond with them.

The next popular activity to do in Sirang Island is fishing. Even though the number of fishes living in the lake is not that many, tourists would be able to catch some for sure. The only consideration is that they must carry a fishing rod and other equipment. There is no service from where they can rent those, after all. Some spots of the lake have more fishes than others, as well. So, it is better to learn the condition first before fishing. If necessary, they should ask information from the locals regarding such spots.

Another recommended activity is none other than photography. People can capture numerous beautiful objects using their camera, including the lake, a group of trees, the grassy landscape, or even other visitors. Even selfies are quite popular there. One thing, they must come during the good weather. Otherwise, the rain may ruin the opportunity to collect those pictures.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Martapura City in Indonesia, tourists’ first destination is Aranio Sub-District. Next, they only need to head to Riam Kanan Lake and take a boat to reach the island. The whole trip takes about 45 minutes, actually. For a better experience, it is recommended to come with either friends or families. Spending a vacation with beloved people is quite meaningful, after all. 

Where to Stay

  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
  • Shangrilla Hotel

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