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Traditional houses always become the part of a region’s culture. When visiting Banjar Regency, for example, tourists may find several types of local houses including Balai Bini. What makes it different than other Baanjung traditional houses? During Banjar Sultanate, this type of house was inhabited by Sultan’s daughters. Also, it was the home of caregivers. With such unique background, tourists can learn a little bit history and take pictures of the house for sure. Thanks to the locals. The houses remain in a good condition due to an excellent maintenance.

The Nuance
The good news is that tourists are allowed to get closer to the house and explore the rooms. Balai Bini Traditional House has the main characteristic, which is the presence of a shield-shaped roof called Ambin Sayup. In the wings of the building, though, it features Lessenardak roof or Pisang Sasikat. Usually, tourists may find these houses in Pamangkih Village. No wonder, the village becomes the prime destination if tourists want to see it directly. Have no worries. The villagers are friendly and they often give free information and tips to visitors.

Exploring Balai Bini Traditional House
Tourists can find several types of Balai Bini traditional houses during the visit. The most common type features “Jurai” roof in its main room. As for both Anjung, the house comes with Sindang Langit roof. In its Pamedangan room, it applies Pisang Sasikat roof. There is also Kandang Resi carving that surrounds that room. When it comes to the Paluaran room, the house features Tataban. This type of Balai Bini is easily found in nearby villages, so tourists won’t get difficulties to visit it.

The second common type of Balai Bini traditional house has a similar roof to that of Joglo. However, it applies Sindang Langit roof on its Surambi room. In a nutshell, this is a development of the previous type. Plus, the Anjungs become wider and its Pamedangan room widens to both sides. With such enlargement, the house looks similar to Limasan Lawakan traditional house. Another noticeable characteristic is that the house comes with 6 pillars! The best example is the building called “Gedung Wanita”, located in Kayutangi area (Banjarmasin City).

For tourists, the presence of Balai Bini traditional house gives them the opportunity to take good pictures of the house. They can also learn history regarding the house and its functions. Plus, they are able to compare it to other types of local houses located in South Kalimantan Province.

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How to Get There
From Martapura City, tourists can simply head to Central Hulu Regency. Next, they must reach North Labuan Amas Sub-District and visit Pamangkih Village right away. The whole trip may take around 3 hour and 15 minutes, as the distance is 124 km. The best route to take is Ahmad Yani Street.

Where to Stay

  • Raudhatul Husna Hotel
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