Bincau Public Fishing Pond in Martapura City, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

When the weekends come, people always look for a good place to spend a family recreation. These include those who live in Banjar Regency or tourists. The question is what place they must visit during holidays. As for the reference, there is Bincau Public Fishing Pond in Martapura Sub-District. It belongs to Bincau Village and becomes a perfect spot to spend a good time with families indeed. As people may expect, they can go fishing and eat delicious fish-based dishes. The site is suitable for bonding as well, either with friends or families.

The Nuance
Bincau Public Fishing Pond is located near to a local irrigation dike. No wonder, the management takes advantage of the dike to supply water to the ponds. In terms of nuance, the site features several ponds and gazebos. Some employees are also seen there, especially those who serve foods and take care of the ponds. Have no worries. They are friendly and ready to help tourists regarding the foods and fishing. Plus, the site features good facilities too including toilets and a mushala. Overall, despite the small size, this public fishing pond never disappoints visitors.

Exploring Bincau Public Fishing Pond
People have two prime reasons to visit Bincau Public Fishing Pond. First, they definitely want to go fishing with families. The management allows visitors to enjoy such activity, after all. They even provide the fishing rod and other equipment needed by the guests. One thing, tourists need to obey the rules and instructions given by the keepers. The purpose is to prevent the ponds from getting spoiled or damaged. Families with kids should not act carelessly too!

Another common reason to visit Bincau Public Fishing Pond is to eat delicious fish-based dishes. These include grilled and fried fish, actually. Not only the management provides delicious foods, they also apply a unique eating concept which is called “Lesehan”. Tourists may sit on the gazebo without chairs and eat the foods comfortably there. Even though it is uncommon for foreigners, the concept never disappoints the guests. Plus, the service is excellent so everyone would feel satisfied there.

What is more? Bincau Public Fishing Pond also provides extra facilities to tourists. These include a swimming pool and water bikes. With only a small fee, tourists are allowed to use the facilities comfortably! This explains why the site is popular among local families with kids. These people usually come during weekends and Sundays. No wonder the place becomes more crowded at those times.

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How to Get There
The public fishing pond is located at Bincau Indah Street. From Martapura City in Indonesia, tourists need to take a local transportation service and head to Bincau Village right away. The distance is 6 km, so the trip may take only 15 minutes! It can even be faster if they take Melati Street, in fact.

Where to Stay

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