Riam Maniapun Waterfall in Pengaron Sub-Dirtrict, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

Tourists should consider the idea to visit Banjar Regency for the next holiday, actually. It is because the region offers tons of interesting allures including natural attractions. When it comes to falls, Riam Maniapun Waterfall becomes a nice choice. The location, as the name suggests, is in Maniapun Village and it belongs to Pengaron Sub-District in Indonesia. Why is it popular? Both the locals and tourists often come to the site in order to enjoy trekking and sightseeing. These people also want to relax while breathing the fresh air of the pristine environment.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the nuance is both pristine and comfortable. Thanks to lush trees that surround the site. What about the size? Riam Maniapun Waterfall is not quite tall, but it has a sloping landscape (having the angle of about 45 degrees and it elongates for about 30 meters). This characteristic makes it unique and beautiful, therefore. Not to mention the surrounding scenery looks exotic and charming. It is possible to get in the water, but beginners should avoid it. The current is considered swift and strong after all.

Exploring Riam ManiapunWaterfall
A weekend should be both meaningful and fun. In this case, visiting Riam Maniapun Waterfall becomes a good idea. The first reason is definitely the trekking opportunity that tourists can get. It is because, during the trip to the site, they need to pass through a challenging landscape. Instead of being a tiring activity, it is indeed fun. Plus, people can take pictures of the surrounding while heading to the location. These include trees, river, and other natural attractions. Even the scenery gets better once they arrive at the site!

For those who want to avoid tiredness, though, they can take advantage of a bike taxi offered by villagers in Maniapun Village. With this, it takes only 20 minutes to reach the location. On the other hand, tourists need to spend about 40 minutes if they go by foot. Still, it takes a couple of minutes of walking to reach the waterfall even though tourists go by motorcycle. It is because the location of the falls is in the midst of a forest.

It is uncommon to see a swimming activity in Riam Maniapun Waterfall. Still, some locals often come to the site to do so! They enjoy swimming and relaxing in the fresh water, flushed by the waterfall. Well, for adults, it sounds fun indeed. On the other hand, kids should not get in the water! Parents need to ensure that their kids won’t get too near to the waterfall, therefore.

Nearby Attractions

  • Biru Lake
  • Pengaron Fort
  • Buluan Hill
  • Simpang Empat Lake
  • Pengaron Village

How to Get There
From Martapura City in Indonesia, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the site. The distance is 40 km and the best route to take is Melati Street. Once tourists arrive at Pengaron Sub-District, they can directly head to Maniapun Village. Later, it takes a short trekking to reach the waterfall as well.

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