Batas Hill in Aranio Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

There are two types of travelers. The first ones are those who love to visit exotic beaches, while the others are those who look for new highlands to explore. Still, many people love both of these! Speaking of trekking, Banjar Regency offers numerous hills for tourists to visit actually. One of them is located in Aranio Sub-District called Batas Hill. The location is in Bukit Batas Village and it becomes a perfect location to enjoy sightseeing and photography. Some people also visit the hill to relax and find a new experience during holidays!

The Nuance
The question is what makes Batas Hill different than other hills in Banjar Regency, Indonesia. Unlike others, this one features a view of Riam Kanan Lake. Thus, the scenery becomes more appealing once tourists get to the top of the hill. In terms of nuance, the hill consists of different types of trees and they grow abundantly there. Not to mention local birds and other animals live peacefully around the area. Here is the thing. The trekking route is a little bit challenging, so it takes both stamina and time to get to the top of the site.

Exploring Batas Hill
The prime reason to visit Batas Hill is indeed to enjoy sightseeing. The scenery looks breathtaking, especially due to the presence of Riam Kanan Lake. Once tourists get to the top of the hill, they can see such stunning lake right away. Not only the hill offers such majestic view of the lake, it also features romantic sun views, including the sunrise and sunset. In this case, tourists should come at the right time so that they won’t miss the opportunity to witness such natural attractions.

The next common reason to come to Batas Hill is to enjoy trekking. Most of the time, the hill is crowded by backpackers and those who love adventure. These people want to feel the fresh air while hiking as well. During trekking, they may encounter a river too. For those who want to enjoy the real nuance of the hill, it is recommended to carry a tent and other equipment for spending the night in nature. The fact is that no hotels or villagers’ house on the site, so camping becomes the only option.

In the next morning, tourists should wake up early in order to witness the stunning sunrise on the site. It looks more beautiful to see the sun from such location indeed. Do not forget to eat breakfast before exploring the hill, though. Later, before going back to the village, they can conduct photography and collect good pictures of nature on the site. What a great vacation!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Martapura City, they can take any local transportation service and head to Aranio Sub-District. The trip takes about 45 minutes, actually. The next destination is definitely Bukit Batas Village and they can start trekking to the hill right away. It is also recommended to hire a guide for a more efficient trip.

Where to Stay

  • Padjio Hotel
  • Riawahyudi Hotel
  • Shangrilla Hotel

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