Baanjung Traditional Houses of Banjar Tribe in South Kalimantan - Indonesia

Some tourists are aware of the variety of traditional houses located in Banjar Regency, Indonesia. Well, now, it is the time to talk about the collective name of those houses. Commonly, the locals may call these Ba’anjung, which means the houses that come with Anjungs. Anjung is a room that looks like a bridge and connects other rooms. It becomes the common feature of any Banjar Traditional houses, in fact. Not to mention it represents the status of the house owner. Those whose house comes with Anjungs have already had kids and vice versa.

The Nuance
In terms of design and architecture, Baanjung House looks like regular Banjar traditional house. It indeed features Perlambang and focuses mostly on the ornaments and roof. At a glance, it looks both symmetric and decorative. The most valuable type of the house is called Bubungan Tinggi, which is meant for constructions inside the local palace. The locals often call these buildings Dalam Sirap, actually. It is safe to say the status of the owner of the house can be seen from the size and beauty of the structure.

Exploring Baanjung Traditional Houses
As explained before, Baanjung is the collective name of all traditional houses that reside in Banjar Regency. That means tourists can find and learn different types of houses once they arrive at the region. The vacation gives them good information regarding local culture and such variety of houses as well! So, what are they? Baanjung houses include Bubungan Tinggi, Gajah Baliku, Balai Bini, Palimasan, Gajah Manyusu, Palimbangan, Balai Laki, Cacak Burung, Bangun Gudang, Joglo Gudang, and Lanting. Each of them is indeed unique, so tourists need to learn all of them from the tour guide.

Of all those traditional houses, Bubungan Tinggi becomes an icon. Not to mention it holds a significant history as well. Does it mean other types are not worth to learn? Well, all of them have been there since the 16th century (during the reign of Prince Samudra). That means these houses have become the witness of the first influence of Islam in the Banjar Kingdom. In fact, the ruler was once a Hinduist. For further information, tourists can ask the guide actually.

What is more? Another reason why tourists would get interested in Baanjung is none other than the architecture. The houses feature unique ornaments or carvings, after all. The most common one is Kambang Talipuk theme. Some houses, though, apply swastika carving on the pillars. It becomes the proof that Hindu was once dominant in the Banjar Kingdom, before the presence of Islam.

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How to Get There
From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, tourists can take a plane and head to Samarinda. Next, they need to take another flight and head to Banjar Regency right away. Once arriving at Syamsudin Nor Airport, their next destination is nearby villages where traditional houses reside. The whole trip takes about 52 hours, as the distance is 1546 km actually.

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  • Permata Hotel

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