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Some tourists perhaps overlook the presence of unique monuments located in Banjar Regency like Kuburan Monument. “Kuburan” means cemetery, actually. In terms of name, it indeed sounds creepy and mystical. However, it has become a new vacation destination for both the locals and outsiders. The location is in Kayu Bawang Village and it belongs to Gambut Sub-District. The actual name is ALRI Monument. Well, the locals include “Kuburan” in the name due to the presence of a tomb of the landlord. It is said this person gave his land to build a guard post for the local heroes in the past.

The Nuance
The monument is indeed historical and it is suitable for photography as well. Once arriving at the site, tourists may find a small monument and a wall that features a story relief regarding the struggle of South Kalimantan People during the war against invaders. Besides the monument, visitors may find the tomb of the landlord. This person was highly respected by people due to his generous attitude. On the other part of the site, tourists can also find Bubungan Tinggi traditional house, used as a guard post by the keeper of the site.

Exploring Kuburan Monument
Once arriving at the site, tourists can directly take pictures of the monument or explore it thoroughly. The most interesting feature perhaps is the wall, where a history relief installed. It tells the struggle of the locals during the war against invaders. Not to mention several photos of local heroes are displayed there. For those coming with a local guide, they can get more information regarding the site. It is said there was a base of local heroes on that site. These brave men trained and made strategies in order to get rid of the Dutch from their region.

Also, it is said the locals gave spells to the site back then. The purpose was to prevent enemies from finding the local heroes! Magically, the enemies or spies weren’t able to see or feel the presence of those people! In fact, they got killed in a strange way due to the spells. No wonder, people also gave another name to the site, which is “Alam Roh” or the netherworld.

Another interesting feature of Kuburan Monument is the presence of Bubungan Tinggi traditional House, which is located near to it. Inside, tourists may find historical items that belong to the local heroes. These include revolvers, Keris, and many others. In other rooms, visitors can also find spell-induced shirts and other unique objects! Before going home, tourists should make sure to take pictures of the monument, though. Also, do not forget to read the inscription.

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How to Get There
From Martapura City, a trip to Kuburan Monument may take about 45 minutes as the distance is 23.4 km. The first destination is Gambut Sub-District. Later, tourists can simply head to Kayu Bawang Village and reach the monument directly. As for the best route, tourists should take Ahmad Yani Street.

Where to Stay

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  • Noor Indah Hotel
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