Mentaos I Pine Forest in North Banjarbaru Sub-District, Banjar Regency - Indonesia

This explains why tourists have an unlimited option of a vacation destination for their next holiday in Indonesia! In this case, for those coming to Banjar Regency, they should consider visiting Mentaos I Pine Forest. As the name suggests, the forest features mainly pine trees and it resides in Mentaos Village. In terms of region, it belongs to North Banjarbaru Sub-District. Today, the forest even becomes more popular among the locals and outsiders. These people come to the site to relax and breathe the refreshing air of the forest, after all.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Mentaos I Pine Forest is similar to other pine forests. However, one thing that makes it different is the management. The local government has realized the potential of the site, so they decide to provide numerous facilities and ornaments including toilets, gazebos, colorful umbrellas, hammocks, and much more. The good thing is that the management keeps improving both quality and facility of the site. This way, visitors won’t feel bored and disappointed when exploring the forest.

Exploring Mentaos I Pine Forest
The presence of colorful umbrellas makes Mentaos I Pine Forest unique. Thanks to both the locals and government. The forest becomes more beautiful over time. Not only visitors can explore the forest comfortably, they can take good pictures of available beautiful objects (including the umbrellas). Even tourists can simply relax and get away from a busy life there. Some locals are also seen sometimes, taking pictures for their pre-wedding. Under the pine trees, the sound of the breeze soothes everyone!

In the past, the number of visitors wasn’t quite many. Today, on the other hand, lots of people keep coming to the location during holidays. Most of them come for relaxation and enjoy the nuance of nature. The most common thing to do in Mentaos I Pine Forest is to sit and sleep in the available hammock. It feels comfortable to sleep in the midst of such peaceful forest, after all. This can be done while listening to music and reading books, as well. Both the hammocks and umbrellas were installed by villagers, actually. Thanks to them.

Not only the forest has the pine trees, it also has more than a hundred types of plants as well. No wonder, nature lovers would feel satisfied during the visit. It is because they can explore the site and learn available plants that grow there. Isn’t it fun?

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How to Get There
How can tourists get to the location? If they come from Martapura City in Indonesia, their first destination is North Banjarbaru Sub-District. Next, they only need to head to Mentaos Village where the forest resides. Here is the thing. The whole trip only takes about 15 minutes, as the distance is 6.4 km. Also, make sure to take Melati and Sekumpul Ujung Street to get there faster.

Where to Stay

  • Yudilesmana Hotel
  • Airy Hotel
  • Batas Kota Hotel

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